Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday morning coffee by hand

When I first changed from buying coffee already ground to grinding my own, I got a coffee grinder that was not electric. Having grown up where the electricity went off an average of ten times a year (from a few hours to a few days) I did not want to depend on it for anything as vital as coffee.

I never quite brought myself to screw it to the wall, even when the last two places I lived were houses that I owned, so I was restricted to positioning it on something it could clamp to.

It's very sturdy.

After about fifteen years of use, I moved into a kitchen where there was simply no place to put it that did not block access to a drawer or a cabinet. I had to get an electric one. However, I still keep the non-electric one where I can find it without hesitation in the dark.


  1. Nothing beats fresh ground coffee! I love that smell.
    Very clever of you to keep it where you can find it, even in the dark!

  2. I can find most things in the dark--especially flashlights, matches, and candles--but something I no longer use as often as once a year? That takes motivation!

  3. I'm too lazy to grind, even with an electric, and figure I drink the ground kind fast enough to keep it from getting stale. But that vintage looking manual one has me intrigued! Pretty darn classy. I may have to rethink the whole coffee grinding thing if I run into one of those.

  4. Yes, Crabby, you're not thinking of it right. Manual grinding isn't a chore, it's an Arm Workout!

  5. Hi, Mary Anne.... just wanted to let you know that my Norwegian friends are still working on translating what is written on the front of your stove! Well, actually, the first friend I asked never did get back to me, but the second one and her 90 year old mom have been consulting dictionaries and puzzling over some of the words. She showed me what they worked out so far, but she and her mom aren't completely happy with it, so she's going to consult with her even older (but more fluent) 94 year old aunt! (almost makes me wonder about the longevity of Norwegians vs Swedes.... but I digress.) Not, you understand, that her mom isn't fluent, just that Auntie J was older when they came to Canada, so perhaps will remember it as what I suspect it is - some kind of prayer or saying.
    I'll keep you posted! :)

  6. What could be better than freshly ground coffee! I drink way too much of it as it is, so, maybe it's good that I don't grind it myself.

  7. But Redbush, then you'd work harder every time you drank some. Surely that counts?

    BL, please thank them from me for their efforts.