Monday, April 4, 2011

courting dance

Yesterday the weather was lovely, and the turkeys thought so, too. A flock of them came much closer to the house than usual. I went carefully and slowly to get the camera, and for once they didn't all head for the woods as soon as I came to the window.

When the tom began trailing a wing for this hen, the others all went farther downhill and continued eating.

She circled with him:

And crouched:

He is a fine fellow, isn't he?

But she seemed to lose interest and went back to her lunch in spite of his display:

Soon, they rejoined the rest of the flock and gradually disappeared.


  1. Better luck next time Tom ;) He looks rather confused in the second to last photo.

  2. I'd say he looks downright dejected!
    Nice shots!

  3. Ah, men will do anything for attention. Ha! She really is giving him the fifth degree.

  4. Such fascinating creatures to watch! Poor guy ;)

  5. Dejected is the word. I think he looks worried in the last picture. Is he losing his charm?