Saturday, April 23, 2011


I get so excited when the hostas unfurl themselves every year. They are so reliable. It's a welcoming kind of excitement, not the "Thank goodness they made it!" kind.

Green growing things, hurray!


  1. Mine are still safely in the cold ground... thanks for the reminder, I need to divide some before they pop up!

  2. Hostas are lovely, I don't have any here though.

  3. Divide them anytime you feel like it, Daryl, is my advice. When I was living in NC I brought some back from Kentucky in July in an unairconditioned car, with their roots wrapped in wet newspaper, for a 12 hour drive with a high of 98F. I planted them next day and they were still spreading several years later when I moved back to Kentucky.

    Reb, I don't know just how cold hardy they are, but I don't know of anything else that can kill them, even deer.