Sunday, August 7, 2011

late hay

I was much too late getting out into the heat with a camera to take pictures. The unknown person who cuts my hay has already moved it. (I asked my neighbor, L, before the house was even finished, to find someone to do that.) I wondered, this very wet and then very dry summer, when my horsy neighbor has moved away, if he would even bother, so I was thrilled to see it had been cut. This year, because it was July hay, instead of May hay, he got four bales instead of two.

From the archives:


  1. We could use your 4 bales! With all the rain we've had this summer, you would think our yield would have been better, but it was too much at once, and drowned a lot of the new grass.
    Then the grasshoppers came...... and ate what was left!

  2. We had the weeks of drowning rain, so very little hay got made in May when it should have been; then we had the scorching heat, so what had grown like crazy in the wet dried out and almost withered. I meant to take pictures of the bales close up because it was really terrible hay, even weedier than mine usually is, but I wasn't fast enough. That picture is from two years ago, when conditions were better.
    Around here, hay is usually cut in May and August. This year it was late June to mid July. There may be a second cutting in September if all goes well. The corn, however, which got a really late start, appears from the road to be doing well.