Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sunday afternoon nap with dirigible

I often hear aircraft overhead in this house-in-the-woods, and my drowsy mind wondered "Why does that motor sound so loud? Why hasn't it passed over me yet?" until I woke up and looked out the window.

The iPod touch camera may not be very good, but it was beside the bed. If I'd had to run into the next room to get the real camera, I might not have bothered, since I'd have been missing part of the show. Of course, two of the shots have no dirigible in them, because I couldn't really see what was in the view screen.

This one is from outside on the balcony, looking almost straight up. I don't think you can see the "Goodyear" on the side even if you enlarge it. It had a red LCD readout on the belly, but I couldn't read what it was saying, so I have no clue why it was there. My reaction makes me feel like someone from 1920 running outside to see an airplane.


  1. Way COOL! I would have been very excited to see something like that. (Doesn't take much to excite me.)

  2. It was very cool. I was much too excited to get back to sleep. The dog, however, paid no attention. It was not edible.

  3. Love the photos--very arty! The grain in the pictures give them a 50's sci-fi feel. Makes me wonder if aliens were piloting that thing.

  4. Very cool. Next time I hear a plane for an extraordinarily long time, I will have to look to see if there is a dirigible in the area. It will probably only be the police helicopter though.