Saturday, September 17, 2011

foolish deer

These two were young and foolish. Older deer pay no attention to the barking dog, trapped behind glass, but when I open a door and step outside, they leave. Not these.

No zoom. That's about thirty feet from the corner of the balcony.

That's about thirty feet in the other direction.

They finally both looked up at me, but they didn't leave until I spoke to them and told them to go away.


  1. Very pretty, I hope they learn a sense of self preservation soon!

  2. What a lovely sight to see. Such beautiful creatures.

  3. They'll learn quickly, Reb. The older deer are already very cautious about coming into the clearing, and my dog is so frustrated, having nothing to bark at.
    Hilary, the cynic in me says "as long as they're eating grass, and not my flowers or vegetables." They are certainly a part of the whole, here.

  4. Awww.... I love deer. Except, of course, the one who ate my cabbage plants. (Hope s/he got gas.)