Friday, October 28, 2011

recycling run

Here's an illustration of how little packaging a frugal single woman consumes:

That bundle of newspapers is one-third (you can see the edges of the other two-thirds) of ten months of my weekly local paper, plus the advertising with front page that the weekly papers of two next door counties distribute. I don't really use as much bleach as that, because I save up bleach bottles and take them in a big batch, so that's probably two years' worth. Under the bleach bottles is the single plastic grocery bag of cans. (Our county recycling doesn't accept glass anymore, or there'd be a lot of pasta sauce jars.) Yes, I do drink that much cider in ten months, and even more, because some of the cider jugs are made of a different plastic and are still sitting in the basement awaiting more companions.


  1. OMG, that's 10 months of recycling? That looks like more than we put out in a week! Except for the bleach--we ain't all that clean.

    Talk about a small footprint! Very admirable.

  2. Well, if the county recycling took glass, there'd be a lot more: not only pasta sauce jars but jam jars and peanut butter jars. You can only save so many to store food in, or give people caramel sauce in.

    Until I got my ceramic stovetop, with its demands for special products (which make me gag) bleach was the only thing I used to clean with except detergent. Bleach vs. mold...mostly the bleach wins. And I estimate that really was about two years of bottles.

    And I have to do something to make up for all that gasoline, don't I?

  3. We recycle all our cans, mostly beer. We end up with a lot, and it isn't even close to 2 years worth!

  4. I don't like anything with bubbles in it, not beer or soft drinks (or even champagne), so I don't have aluminum cans to recycle now that I don't live on the road from town, and pick them out of the ditch. If coffee came in cans, now, it would be different.