Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Reindeer Jesus"

Every year at work we all carve pumpkins to display, and the customers vote for their favorite. I never win, but this year, one of our customers looked at my pumpkin and exclaimed "Reindeer Jesus!" I'm still chewing this one over. I've even considered "Reign, dear Jesus."

After we'd had too many pumpkins surreptitiously rot on us, we switched to plastic pumpkins, and I had to use a pattern. I've always done my pumpkin carving freehand, but that just doesn't work with styrofoam. So this year, to commemorate the Jeep's misadventure, I chose a deer pattern.

Thanks to that customer I'll never forget this one.


  1. I see a person holding a mug. I do see antlers, but, my imagination is lacking, so I don't really see the deer. An interesting pattern!

  2. I love the deer! I don't see where the 'Jesus' part comes in, but, each person sees what they want I guess.