Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I seldom discuss politics, and I never discuss who I'm going to vote for, who I have voted for, who I might vote for. This is the fortieth year I've voted, and I've missed two elections in that time. The first primary election after I turned eighteen we didn't get me from high school down to the county clerk's office nearly forty-five minutes away in the hour gap between getting out of school and the office closing before the registration deadline. The second time I didn't vote I was too sick to get out of bed for longer than it took to get to the bathroom by holding onto the walls. So you can guess I approve of representative democracy. I just wish it worked better.

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  1. Voting is a privilege I treasure, as well.
    In our tiny town there are piles of baked goods at the exit door of the polling place. Make a donation (to some worthy cause) and take a cookie (or a brownie or some other treat.) It makes it all even sweeter.