Monday, November 21, 2011

a taste of the tropics

You wouldn't think this picture was taken at my second job, would you? I may have mentioned that I'm working seven days a week now; my second job is also dog-related, being at the boarding kennel of an animal hospital.

I am not, luckily, responsible for the care of the plants in the two-story greenhouse, since I have no gardening experience in the tropics.

I pass through it many times a day, though, on my way from one part of the building to another. This orange tree is on one route to the bathroom.

I'm sure I will enjoy it more and more as the days grow colder. Things are always in bloom.


  1. So pretty. It looks as if your surroundings are very soothing.

  2. Love all the greenery! Looks like a most pleasant environment, and you got some great shots of it. Think I'll take a vicarious walk through it!

  3. As the year turns more wintry, the tropical warmth gets better and better. It's not exactly soothing, because it's surrounded by barking dogs a lot of the time, but the dogs enjoy it, too--some of the "suites" open onto the atrium instead of outdoors.

    There is always something new blooming, too. It's good that I can get fairly decent shots with my iPod camera, because I'm not about to expose the Real Camera to all the physical and chemical threats of a boarding kennel.