Saturday, March 10, 2012

Friday tornadoes, Monday snow

It must be March.
Friday afternoon last week I was at work as the tornadoes that killed quite a number of people in Indiana and Kentucky passed by us. We were prepared to shelter in a windowless room, but it proved unnecessary.

Monday morning I woke to this.

The prediction had been for "one to three inches" and I had one inch in some places and three inches in others. Good call.

It was a very heavy wet snow (the cedars are usually upright):

And on my way home that afternoon I saw five very large snowmen, and one that I think was supposed to be a baby. It was sitting down in a very toddler-esque posture, anyway. Two of the snowmen were on the grounds of a Masonic Lodge, so I think they were made by grown-ups.

It is fairly obvious which car is going to work and which one is staying home.

Two days this week were shirt-sleeve weather in the afternoon. What more has March in store for us?


  1. Lovely photos. Glad the tornado missed you.

  2. I always think of you when I hear about tornadoes in your area. Glad it passed you by!

    You actually have more snow right now than we do. Our temperatures have been very mild, and we didn't get a lot of snow this winter (yet!)

  3. Glad the tornado missed me, too! Doubly glad the snow was not too bad to drive through to work at six in the morning.