Tuesday, March 6, 2012

in the park

Celebrating the lamb-like beginning of March with a walk in a nearby park where I've seen daffodils in other years, I caught an artificial rainbow, too. Since I can't see what's on the screen of the iPod in bright daylight (I have to hope I've got what I'm looking at) it was quite a surprise to me.

There must have been a house in these woods once, for there to be so many daffodils, but it's all woods and a park, now.

I enjoy it as a change from walking in my own woods. The trails have more variety, and some of them are longer than any winding around I can do in my own forty-eight acres.


  1. Love the rainbow flare in the first shot.

    1. If I had any idea what caused that I would try to do it again! It's definitely a neat effect.

  2. Ah, very pleasant! Feel like I just had a nice walk in the woods while standing at my desk--thanks!