Sunday, September 16, 2012

not a weed

My first garden surprise from this house:

The vine rambling over the pile of old wood turns out to be autumn clematis, a favorite of mine.


  1. Oh, my! that is so pretty! Hmmm.... I wonder if it would grow here? (I had never heard of autumn clematis)

  2. BL, I made the acquaintance of autumn clematis while I was living in North Carolina in Zone 7. I had some growing up a utility pole at the first house I bought when I came back to Kentucky in Zone 6. I just looked it up and it's hardy to Zone 4. Which might mean it would survive in a sheltered spot in 3a. It survives the tropical heat in Zone 9, so it's quite adaptable. Almost weed-like.
    Crabby, most of the garden surprises have been truly weeds. But spring should be interesting.