Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I have a whole day off today, after working through the summer taking days off only to deal with selling, buying, and moving, which were not exactly days of freedom. (Although I did tell the movers, when they said, at the end of a ten hour day of unloading for them, that I must be exhausted, "Well, I don't usually spend the whole day standing around doing nothing.")

I plan to take a lesson from Belle:


  1. Yeah, Belle seems to have the right idea after all you've been through with the move. Hope it's all coming together!

  2. Bell is a wise pup! And cute, too.

  3. Belle is fourteen, and you don't get that old without learning something about naps.

  4. Belle definitely has the right idea.
    And it sounds like you deserve it!

  5. Just looked through the last few posts...wow, I hope things will get settled for you soon. A day of rest is very definitely deserved.

    1. It was a wonderful relaxing day, and I got to show off the house-of-boxes to a friend, and now that the crazy busy season is over (until Thanksgiving) I might have another day off sometime. We'll see.