Thursday, August 30, 2012

embracing the chaos

Someday it will not look like this. How soon, I'm afraid to guess. But it's all under the new roof.

The living room, where I can sit down if I'm patient about wiggling through:

The kitchen, where most of the cabinets are still empty because I've found nothing that belongs in them:

The office. I have the computers set up, but no printer or backup drives or scanner yet.

The detested stationary bike is not usable unless I want my left ankle bruised by the empty bookshelves (which are at least in their final place.)

The bedroom remains far too dark for anything to show up without a flash, and the hall, with my clothes in boxes, is almost as dark. You'll have to imagine.


  1. Oh, dear - I do not envy you all that work! But the house looks like it will be very comfortable once you have everything put away.

  2. It will take months. It's too dark to take any pictures of the (darkdarkdark paint) bedroom or the (boxes stacked above my head) basement, but I can't put things away because I can't get to where they ought to GO! I have challenged myself to get the first floor livable by the time my co-worker who is a full time student and full time worker finishes her heavy paper writing (including 500 level seminar) semester. I hope I make it.