Thursday, August 16, 2012

moving: day one

Closed on the new house on Tuesday. Wednesday, new gas stove delivered, electrical repairs begun (not by me), fence estimate [faints] made and contracted, a few things moved in.

It begins. The professionals will finish it on Tuesday. You may hear from me from beneath the piles of boxes.


  1. Nice house. I quite like the fireplace and the light in the kitchen is nice. That green would take a little getting used to though, but, I think it works.

  2. That's not the darkest green in the house. They liked green. A lot. And dark. My pictures of the two bedrooms are too dark to read: blobs of light against darkness, even at f3.5 and 1/30; the living room is all right because of the beige walls, and I rather like the green tile fireplace, but the whole house is Dark As A Pit. And I don't have time to paint anything before moving.

    I don't care for the kitchen ceiling light much myself, but these people were clearly Frank Lloyd Wright fans, see fake etched glass on door next to fireplace. My main objection to it is how little LIGHT it gives. It must be replaced, but in the future. Fortunately, in daylight, the kitchen is so bright you can't even see the flame when the gas stove is on.

  3. It has good bones. At least it isn't Pepto Bismol pink!
    Congratulations on the new digs.

  4. Thanks, BL. There will be updates as I get moved and start to unpack. Right now it seems completely impossible.

  5. Cute house!

    I know first-hand, many times over, that moving is a PITA.

  6. When I lived in North Carolina I moved seven times in seven years. I had hoped never to move again!