Monday, August 27, 2012


In tribute to Leah's gratitude Mondays:

This freezer-to-microwave lunch container is all I've had to eat or cook with since moving in Tuesday night. (I had brought my second-best kettle beforehand so I could make instant coffee while I worked. Still haven't found my best kettle, or my good coffee pot, or anything else pot or dish like.) Tuesday night I ate chinese takeout. Wednesday I got this out of the freezer to eat at work, and brought it home and thought "Oh! A dish!!!!"


  1. Oh dear... hope the rest of your stuff decides to join you soon! Though sometimes it's nice to have an excuse for Chinese takeout.

  2. It was good to discover a really cheap, really good Chinese restaurant half a block from my nearest bank branch. A pint of Hunan beef (with accompanying rice) for only $4.70 (chicken is $4.50) at any time of day, lunch or dinner. They deliver, too, if you order twelve dollars worth. I couldn't eat that much in one meal, unless I had duck or something else expensive, even though I'm not a small meal person, but I could save it. I'll remember to take a menu with me next time.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  3. Now that's roughing it... aside from the takeout. I hope you get settled in real soon.