Monday, December 10, 2012

over the sink

Here's a wreath one of my former roommates and I found in the trash and added the plastic poinsettia to. I've alway hung it on my back door, wherever that was, but this back door has no handy hanging places, and in this window my neighbors can see its silhouette at night.

The window to the right appears to be the room they watch television in at night, and the curtains are never drawn, so I don't think they added the blue tarp to the west side of their screen porch just as I was moving in for reasons of privacy. Probably as a wind-break.


  1. What a find, those wreaths are expensive. Too bad the neighbours couldn't have found something a little less jarring, like maybe a nice bamboo blind.

  2. Trash day was always interesting in Raleigh. I have a set of metal shelves I carried home a quarter of a mile, two blue glass canning jars with glass lids, a rectangular brown pottery planter with matching saucer, and a sturdy yellow polo shirt, an amazingly ugly yellow, that I wore for kennel work until it joined the cleaning cloths, where it still serves.

    A bamboo blind would only protect my neighbors' porch from the sun, and somewhat from the wind, but not the rain. That's their windward side.

  3. As you're probably aware, I have been known to bring more home from the dump than I took. That wreath is a great find!

  4. Perhaps the neighbors need the tarp because they are perfecting some supersecret revolutionary invention and are afraid you'll discover it and steal their idea and take over the world!

    Or, um, yeah, maybe it's to keep out rain.

  5. Since I can see into the porch from the back, where I park, I'm pretty sure their supersecret work takes place in the garage. After all, they never park in it and it has no windows. Suspicious, eh?