Friday, March 22, 2013

first daffodil in the neighborhood

Elsewhere in the city I've seen daffodils (and crocus) blooming already, but on this street and nearby ones, nothing. Then yesterday, just in time for spring, the first daffodil bloomed in my neighbors' yard. I can seen this clump from the sink, and also from the deck where I took this picture.


  1. That flash of yellow is always so rewarding. So far, all we have are a few greet tips showing.

  2. Aww... the bunny looks pleased too.

    And how lovely that you have an outdoor view from your desk! I'm staring at big beige wall. Not quite as inspiring!

  3. The tips are a promise of more to come, Hilary, and green is always welcome.

    Crabby, I think the bunny is retired from Easter Bunnying; he's clearly had a hard life. That's actually the view from the deCk, not deSk. From my desk I see the piece of white cloth hung from nails with clothespins that I put up when I screwed up (pun!) installing the brackets for the mini blind. Back in August. I stripped the screw-heads, and I can't get them all the way in or take them out. Someday I have to just rip the brackets out and find some replacements, and hang the blind, but since the sidewalk is about twenty feet from the window, I don't want people gazing in at all my electronics, even if it means I can't see out. I assume your beige wall is less adaptable.