Sunday, April 7, 2013

lots of lettuce

Last week I went to the grocery hoping to find some pansies that were

  1. not gigantic-enormous-huge
  2. more than one color per six pack
Instead, I came home with a dozen Bibb lettuce plants (the only kind I willingly grow or eat). Due to some misunderstanding or incompetence on my part and the cashier's I found I had bought four six packs instead of four plants, so now every pot that didn't have something else growing in it is now filled with lettuce. I was too rushed to find the gardening fork (somewhere in the basement since moving) and dig up part of the flower beds in front, so I grabbed every pot outdoors, waiting for pansies and portulaca.

They're on the east side of the house near the side porch steps, where I hope they'll be sheltered if there is any frost. It's a month at least until frost-free date.


  1. OK, I obviously gotta slow down because at first I mistook the word "pansies" for "penises", which didn't sound like something you'd be purchasing by the six pack.

    The lettuce is actually really pretty! Hope you get a great harvest even if it means you'll be eating salad morning, noon and night.

    1. It was probably the " gigantic-enormous-huge" that you associated with penises, or at least penis spam. (Oh, dear, this post is going to get the worst spam comments!) If I were purchasing them by the six pack I would certainly want more than one color, although if they were only ninety-nine cents I would not expect the quality to be very good.

      This isn't enough lettuce to keep me eating it three meals a day, but I do hope it might lead to one meal a day before the weather gets too hot.

  2. Bahaha, you gals made me laugh with those comments! :-)

    Solarity, seriously, would you want me to post our pictures and have people guess our age? That could be fun! You can write me an email:

    m l e u x j at g m a i l dot c o m

    Talk soon!