Thursday, April 25, 2013

bookshelves upstairs

When I look at the date on these photographs, it says February. Surely I haven't been trying to find time to blog about them quite that long!
Back in the winter, then, I finally got started setting up bookshelves upstairs in the guest room/sewing room/storage room. All the concrete blocks and boards were in the basement so they all came slowly upstairs, not all at once.

Here are the last boxes of books that aren't in the basement, inaccessible.

More materials:

Begin to build:

Now to add some books:

There are more than that, now, but I haven't started sorting all the books that are downstairs, and setting them upright; I doubt they're all going to fit on the shelves I have, and there are all the mystery and romance somewhere in the basement yet to be unpacked. I dare not think "I'd like to read that," because I cannot just go and find it, but I browse around, looking at what is in one stack and another, and find many things to keep myself entertained.


  1. Wow, love to see it all coming together bit by bit!

  2. It feels awfully slow to me. I thought I'd have everything unpacked by now.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  3. It looks to me as though you are making progress. Better than I would, probably, because I'd have to stop and browse through the books. A lot.

  4. I tend to do that when I take the laundry upstairs to hang it, or go up to fold it and bring it down. In daylight one of the chairs near the dormer has good reading light and I find myself coming to and remembering I'm supposed to be downstairs doing something. About half the art books are up there.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky