Thursday, March 20, 2014

officially spring

I changed the plate on the mantel as usual. The one my mother painted with wild roses is somewhat appropriate, though it is much too early for any to bloom.

I moved the rosemary onto the side porch in the shade, to acclimatize to the outdoors before it spends the summer on the front porch in the sun.

I finally found the daffodils coming up through the leaves. Four days ago they were under snow, too, but still.

And I got a shot of my neighbor's new birdhouse.

If you look closely at the blue segment on the left you can see the hole cut for a door. So far, I have seen no one building a nest there. It might be rather hot and poorly ventilated.


  1. It looks like the real thing there. Here, we awoke to 6 more inches of the white fluffy crap! Your mother's plate is lovely.

    1. The forecast says we get more snow on Tuesday, but it won't last very long. My neighbor's daffodils face southwest instead of east and I can see color in the buds.
      My mother was fairly good at drawing and water colors, but this plate is not nearly as good as her great-aunt's plate (done when Auntie was in her eighties and had cataracts! they were taking china painting classes together 600 miles apart) that I use for Summer and Autumn.

  2. Love the signs of the changing seasons!

    It's way too confusing in San Diego, where it's pretty much always spring. Not that I'm complaining! But you kind miss out on that rhythms of nature thing when it's always the same outside.

  3. There must be some rhythm of nature to San Diego; it's not on the equator, after all.
    We had snow today, but it melted because it was above freezing all the time it was snowing, But tonight it's going down well below freezing. Weather is so irrational.