Saturday, March 8, 2014

crying wolf

I saw the truck putting up this sign (and its fellow in the opposite direction) last Thursday at dusk. Friday  (since I worked just down the street) I know that no work was done. Sunday the snow and sleet started that are forecast to last through Tuesday, so the likelihood that anyone would start digging up the street was small indeed.

This kind of thing annoys me because the more people learn to ignore signs like these the more the workers are endangered when they are there. If you're spending a million dollars on a small neighborhood sewer project (which is certainly needed!) surely you can spend some thought on planning as well. 


  1. I am Queen of ignoring things I see too often, and I've gotten so I hardly notice a lot of signs anymore. I would HOPE I'd still be vigilant where safety is concerned, but lots of false alarms don't help!

  2. That happens in my city all the time. They put up signs up to a week prior to working and so when they actually need to be observed everyone has learned to ignore them...