Friday, September 15, 2017

avoiding danger

Avoiding danger is not possible. Yesterday at lunch I reached for a banana on my kitchen counter and felt such sharp pain in my shoulder that if I had grasped the banana I would have dropped it. The kind of pain where you can't breathe. Since then I have tried to be very careful what I do with my left--dominant--arm. I have found no way to predict what particular movement will cause pain when.

If reaching for a banana can cause injury, there is no safety anywhere: something I already knew.


  1. Oh no!!!! Hope it's getting better?

    I once sustained a back injury that lasted 6 months by.... tying my shoe.

    I also broke a foot in college stepping a bit sideways on my crepe-soled shoes getting on to an elevator.

    But you're right, it's one thing to avoid rock climbing or mountain biking, but how do you keep yourself safe when even an innocent looking banana could be out to get you? Sheesh!

  2. It's better, but this is my recurrent bad shoulder, that is always looking for trouble to get into. Just think: sometime this summer I slipped in the kennel and landed on concrete on my side. I was barely bruised and felt fine the next day. But I stretched out my arm and can still feel it two weeks later!