Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Books. On shelves. Where they belong.

This is a pictureless post because my connection has been even slower than usual, and gets dropped at random. I want to celebrate getting all the books unpacked and shelved. (Or all of mine, at least. There are still some to bring over here from my parents' basement, but I expect those will stay in boxes for a few years.)
I brought the last of the fabric from my old house today. With all the books and all the fabric and almost all the tools moved I can quit worrying too much about all the odds and ends that are left. I have to get it moved, but I'm not worried about it getting damaged. 
I picked some daffodils while I was there. The early daffodils are over and some of the not-yellow ones are beginning to open. When they've finished blooming I have to move them. I will get it all finished, I know. 


  1. I'm glad you have all your books unpacked and shelved - must be a good feeling to have that done!
    And the fabric, too? (Good heavens - it sounds like we could be twins - books and fabric and tools.... what more could you want?)

    I am still a little jealous of the daffodils, though....

  2. I won't have any calves, though. (Although I wonder whether I'll see any fawns anytime soon.)

  3. That must feel so satisfying! Love it when a task like that is completed and organized. Mmm books.

    - Sagan

  4. It's always great when you can get something unpacked and in its place! I wish we were getting to the stage where we would see some bulbs coming up. We still have loads of snow! Happy unpacking!

  5. I'm still trying to get organized from our move a YEAR ago, so I'm impressed that you're getting most of it done.

    And hooray for signs of spring!

  6. Well. For some definitions of most.