Thursday, March 12, 2009

When you're in the middle of the road...

the grass is greener on both sides.
On my way to pack some more at my father's house, I came across a cow in the middle of the road. She wandered from one side to the other, snatching a bite. The people in the other lane had stopped, and one woman got out, talking into her cell phone, so I hoped she knew who the owners might be. (It struck me that although I've driven along that road all my life, I have no idea who owns the farms around there, not even who would have owned them in my grandparents' day.) Eventually the cow picked a side, and we all drove off. 

(Weather note: yesterday 74F; today barely above freezing and as I post this it's snowing again.)


  1. Oh, the power of cows!

    Actually, a lot of drivers who travel on the highway close to our place would just run into the cow. Oilfield workers think they own the road.
    People around here used to have cattle drives down the highway to take them to summer pasture. There are only a few of them now who dare. The rest of us "drive" them in stock trailers.....
    Hope your cow wandered her way home safely!

  2. "Just" hit the cow? Where have they left their brains? Hitting a deer can kill you, although it mostly only kills the deer; hitting something five times as heavy doesn't seem very smart.

    The road I was on, although a state highway, fairly straight and high speed, doesn't go from any large population centers to any others, so it's mostly travelled by people who live in the country and are not surprised to find cows in the road, or loads of hay too wide for one lane.

  3. Cows on the roads, and people still drive like there's no tomorrow, not having enough upstairs to realize that she might decide to change sides about the time that they get to her. Hopefully the cow is not wandering in the middle of the road at night. On another note, the last few weeks when I've been arriving home later in the evening, I've had a dog dive at my tires. My heartbeat was at 110, but, I missed. The dog has been hit before by a motorist, and is blind in one eye because of it. These people have been told by neighbors about the same incident that I experienced, but, still allow the dog to do this. Some people shouldn't have animals!

  4. Cows are a lot smarter than most people realize! Thay really know how to work those big brown eyes to get their way :-)