Sunday, March 29, 2009

redbud in bud

I didn't take the real camera when I walked down to the creek this afternoon because it was raining, so you'll have to imagine you can see bits of pink on the branches of the tree in the foreground. The phone camera isn't very good, and I couldn't get any closer without falling down a steep hill. It's a sign that spring is here. Redbud winter is the first of the five "winters"--the cold spells between the first day of spring and the safe frost free date. It's going down to freezing tonight, and when it warms up later in the week all the redbuds will bloom. 


  1. And what is the safe frost free date in your area?

    We had a beautiful day here, but it's a long time before our snow will all be gone!

  2. "It's a sign that spring is here" is the most beautiful phrase I have ever heard. Hope to see more photos of the redbuds!

    - Sagan

  3. Bag Lady, the official frost free date is May 5, here in zone 6, but my grandmother never ever put out her tomato plants until May 15. I follow in her footsteps.
    More pictures of redbud in bloom very soon, and more spring things.