Friday, March 6, 2009


So Bag Lady handed me the letter J, and the very first word that came into my head was
not Jelly or Java or even June, all lovely things that I'm fond of. It reminds me of the time someone asked me what if I could have whatever I wanted without any restrictions at all and the first thing that popped into my head was World Peace, which, I told them, made me sound a great deal more high-minded and selfless than I really am.
Jazz is one of my favorite kinds of music, second only to classical (can I count the Jupiter symphony?), but although I love to dance the Jitterbug is either too formal or too informal to be at the top of my list.
In honor of spring I will agree to call daffodils Jonquils this once. And I love my Journal, which I have been keeping since I was twelve. Since I love words, I especially love Jargon. I can't think of any fruits or vegetables that begin with j, and every time I've been near any Jambalaya I've been allergic to some of the ingredients. Although I love some kinds of exercise I certainly don't love Jogging, and I haven't tried Judo, so I'm going to reach pretty far and say I love the [Lexington] Junior League Horse Show, as well as many other horsy events.


  1. Well done!!

    I love Jonquils, too - wish they would start showing up around here...
    We ARE experiencing a chinook right now, though - the wind is blowing fiercely, and the temp. is just above freezing.

  2. Hehe very nice. I never knew they were called jonquils.

    As a rhetoric student I have fun telling people I study jargon :D


  3. Wheeeew! I'm glad the Bag Lady didn't give me "J"! I, two love jonquils! Have you ever tried planting "Jacob's Ladder?" I haven't, but, it might be interesting to try. We have absolute bizzard conditions here right now, even though the temperatures are warmer. The wind is blowing the snow around the jack pines!

  4. Posting that picture from six years ago was magic: I went over to my old house today to pack some more books, and the first daffodil had bloomed! They're so brave--they know perfectly well it's going to freeze again.
    Sagan, one of my best friends finished half of a Ph.D. in "rhetoric and composition" before giving up and starting over in engineering school. More jargon!
    Redbush, I don't think Jacob's Ladder grows this far south. It may, like delphiniums, grow but do badly.

  5. I'm a bit Jealous of your Jonquils!

  6. Well done! As for fruits, Juniper berries make for an interesting jam I understand ;)