Sunday, March 1, 2009

encouraging sign

I walked down to the creek this afternoon (not quite all the way, because the last bit is very steep, and my joints didn't want to tackle the way back up) past the old house. I think it's interesting that I had started calling the foundations of the old house and most of the root cellar "the old house" not "the old house site" before I heard some of the people who've lived in this area call it "the old house." It has quite a strong presence. 

Because it was a house, of course there are tough perennials left: iris, daylilies, and daffodils. I wanted to check on the daffodils. Good news. They're not an early variety, and the woods have grown up so they're not in full sun, but they're at least six inches above ground, and the early ones at my old house in full sun were that high only two weeks ago. Things will be blooming around here soon.


  1. I am SO jealous! There won't be any signs of spring here for at least a couple months.

    And how cool to have a creek, and an 'old house' and a root cellar on your property! Can you still access the root cellar? Have you been down there? What's left in it - anything?

  2. I'm reallllly envious! We still have loads of snow around here. I would love to see flowers starting to bloom. I, too, have perennials and lots of flowering plants,but, even though I love gardening, I don't have the green thumb that my mom had. If we have a growing season of 3 months, we're lucky! I tried to plant hyacinths last fall, but can only hope that they grow, seeing as I didn't have much luck the year before. I can visualize your old house, the creek, and the root cellar. We had a root cellar when I grew up on the farm. I used to love going in because I loved the damp dirt smell.

  3. I haven't been brave enough to plunge through the blackberry thickets to reach the root cellar. It doesn't have any sod left over it, but the stones are still in place like a rock igloo. If it weren't there you couldn't tell that the foundations of the old house are foundations and not just piles of stones. I'll try to take some pictures (before the blackberries leaf out!) but I didn't take the camera with me because I knew I wouldn't want to take my mittens off even if the daffodils had gone mad and bloomed.

    Don't get too envious of my spring. Yesterday was the date the Extension Service says is the safe date to plant spinach. Even if I had any seeds yet, I wouldn't have been able to, because the ground is too frozen. Wait a few weeks--then you can be envious. I'd better get started making lists, though, and plan where to put all the plants I need to move from the two old houses. I have a jumble of ideas, but you couldn't call it a plan.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  4. It's going to be so lovely and pretty! It's good to know that spring is on its way somewhere in the world...

    - Sagan