Saturday, July 25, 2009

deer vs. turkey

This evening a deer and a fawn came out of the woods to have supper in the field. The fawn was young enough to be very strongly spotted, and it bounced around while mama ate. From the other direction came a pair of turkeys and some young ones (hidden in the grass; I could see movement but not count heads.) After a while the adults confronted each other. The turkeys got very tall. The doe stared back at them. Then the turkeys turned ninety degrees and moved off at an angle, and the deer finished their slow path across the field.
Of course I didn't have a camera at hand. The binoculars were useful, though.


  1. Love it when stuff like that happens, even when there's no camera to hand.

  2. The doe behaved exactly like a cow with a calf. It was so funny (since I was safely far away.)