Tuesday, November 10, 2009

coyote sighting

Yesterday on my way to work (in daylight!) I saw something run across the road ahead of me, and I thought "That tail is awfully plumy for a dog..." and as I drove nearer it stopped in the field and turned and looked at me.

Since the move out ten miles from town I've heard a lot of coyote voices, and caught glimpses of things disappearing from the side of the road that might have been coyotes, but this is the first clear look at one I've had. How can something standing in a field of corn stubble across the road from a house and barns look so wild?


  1. There are frequently coyotes in the yard, and we hear them often! In fact, my dog is outside right now, barking at their howling.

    I tried to capture a picture of one just the other day - he came right up on the lawn - but he went behind the shed before the camera warmed up and the opportunity was lost.

    Did you hear about the woman hiking in eastern Canada who was killed by coyotes? Very rare.

  2. We have coyotes right here in the city, in the park across the street from me. They den in a nearby, less-travelled piece of land. Along with the "Do not litter" signs are those warning not to leave small pets unattended or unleashed. Though everyone else sees them often, in the 15 or so years that they've been in the area, I've not spotted a single coyote. Shrug. I did see a fox once though. :)

  3. Bag Lady, when I heard about that death I decided I should be a little more careful. One (out of four) of the men who hunts on this land will not go unarmed in the woods since the time he was in his deer stand, and felt this prickling of the back of his neck, and looked behind him to see five coyotes sitting behind him in a semi-circle. Waiting, in my opinion, for him to kill their dinner for them.

    Of course what I'm really afraid of in the woods is falling and hurting myself so I can't walk. It wouldn't need coyotes to kill me then, only hypothermia.

    Hilary, I think it was within the last ten years that a deer was injured in downtown Louisville when it jumped through a plate glass window, having apparently waded up out of the Ohio River into the middle of all that concrete.

  4. Yeah, coyotes kind of give me the creeps. I heard about the lady who got killed. Wasn't that just recently?

    I think my mom and dad once said there were coyotes on their farm in Scott County. I don't think they're there now, though.