Friday, November 6, 2009

role reversal

(Or should I say "roll reversal"? When round hay bales were new, some people called them rolls to distinguish them from square bales.)

Since the time change means I'm driving to work in daylight again, yesterday morning I was able to see the pasture occupied by a young steer and some goats. They usually have a bale of hay. This time, the steer was up on top of the bale, and the goats were all eating from the bottom.


  1. And where was your camera? But that does make a cool mental pic. :)

  2. Hehehe - guess they decided it was time for some fun. I can just imagine the goats helping the steer up to the top, saying "C'mon, it'll be funny! Maybe one of those humans will even crash their car!"

    Goats are such kidders.


  3. "Goats are such kidders"

    Good one. ;)

  4. I should be able to think of a way to use "udderly" but I'm too tired.

    My camera, of course, was at home in its drawer, and even if it had been in the car I wouldn't have stopped on my way to work. We have doughnuts on Saturday mornings!

  5. Livestock can have the weirdest sense of humour.

  6. What a great sighting! Wonder how he got back down again, or what motivated him to go up in the first place. The view?