Sunday, November 22, 2009

hair FAIL

I was delighted to find, when I checked Locks of Love's web site (, that now you're allowed to cut your own hair if you follow their instructions. I've been cutting dog hair for nearly eleven years now--how hard could it be?

Well, it turns out that cutting my own hair while looking in the mirror is even harder than taking a picture of the back of my head in the mirror. (Third attempt up there.) I tied the hair with string before I cut it, as instructed, and cut it off, and discovered that the left side of my hair was the length I meant it to be, but the right side was about five inches shorter. What you see above is after my attempts to even it up looking at my reflected back in a hand mirror. Sometimes I didn't even get the hair into the scissors; I'd be cutting the air.

Next time--in eight or ten years--I'm going to divide my hair in two, and pull the two sections over my shoulder before I do any string-tying, and cutting, so I can see what I'm doing. That is, if I don't have cataracts or some worse vision problem than bifocals by then.

But the tied-off pony tail in its zip lock bag looks usable, and as soon as I find the right size padded mailer I shall send it off.


  1. Good for you for donating your hair!

    I have cut my own hair in the past, and know how very difficult it is to do the back! I found the only way I could do it was to make it really, really short and use a razor comb at the back!
    Yours looks pretty good, though.... even if it may be a tad bit shorter than you'd intended!

  2. I'm thinking you should demand a professional!
    Good for you donating to such a wonderful cause.

  3. Gracious me, you must have had long hair!! I used to cut my own hair now and's so annoying though--haven't done it in a long time unless you count when I haven't had time to go get a haircut and get really mad at my bangs and attack them with the scissors.

    I still do cut ScottieDog's hair more often than not. I just like doing it.

  4. Ahh good for you. A fine charitable donation that is.

  5. Bag Lady, at least half the problem with my tidying-up is that my elbow just doesn't bend far enough backwards.

    Daryl, I am demanding a professional! My boss is going to "fix it" tomorrow before we open (we were too busy this afternoon.)

    Melissa, the first time I donated hair it was down to my waist and they managed to cut off twenty inches and still leave me enough to pin up. That was only five years ago, so this time it was about to the bottom of my rib cage. It was getting so hard to dry, and taking so many hair pins to hold up, that I didn't want to wait any longer. I started cutting my own bangs about a week into grooming school--I thought, if I can cut this Maltese's skirt level, I can cut my bangs, and so I could.

    Hilary, I learned about this from a former next door neighbor whose granddaughter had one of their wigs.

  6. That is a wonderful cause. Kudos to you for donating your hair.

  7. Great cause!

    But it cracks me up to even THINK about cutting my own hair--I can barely walk and chew gum at the same time.

    Have a great thanksgiving!