Thursday, December 24, 2009

our clients love us...

...and they want to fatten us up. This is my share, among the ten of us, of all the non-perishable food items we were given. (We ate the fresh-baked cookies, the bean dip, the fruit and the cakes and the fudge that arrived earlier. That foil wrapped object? That's a whole Lane cake that was brought in yesterday, our last day open. I just got lucky.)


  1. Merry Christmas, Mary Anne!

    It certainly does look as though your clients love you!

    (And I hope the bad weather I saw on the news last night didn't hit your area, or, if it did, that you aren't traveling in it! It looked quite nasty!)

  2. Wow.. that's some ooey gooey lovin' there. Enjoy! :)

  3. Karma. My decision not to bake for the neighbors was rewarded by finding that a large part of my share contained mint. I am so allergic to mint that just smelling it makes me dizzy. Therefore, I have stuff to give away after all. (Also, I have a freezer, thank goodness.)

    BL, we haven't had any bad weather here. Last night we had an "Urgent Weather Message" about high winds; it always surprises me when they put out warnings for gusts "up to" 30 mph, because that's pretty much normal here. Apparently it's going to snow Sunday, but it won't stay below freezing, so it won't last. I'm looking at green grass and the trees still have all their limbs.