Monday, December 28, 2009

the deer are back!

The deer, who disappeared about two weeks into hunting season, leaving the corn put out for them untouched, leaving no foot prints, have finally returned.

Not skittish at all, since they let me stand at the kitchen window and take pictures, where before I've had them bound off as soon as I raised the camera.

They did watch me closely, though.

There were actually three of them, but I never managed to get more than two in one shot.


  1. They're brave little souls! Deer are so nice to watch.

  2. I envy you for this lovely scene. Such gorgeous critters. :)

  3. I've missed them. I hope the turkeys show up soon--they aren't the daily regulars the deer have been until this fall, but I usually see them when the weather is bad (I think when it's good they have other places to feed) and they're both bolder and more cautious than the deer.

    In other wildlife news, my Christmas Day Bird Count was small but interesting. One pair of cardinals, one blue jay, and one pileated woodpecker (not as rare here as forty years ago, when neither of my parents had ever seen one, but still not common.)

  4. Lucky you! I would love to get some photos of deer. I only see squirrels and birds in my yard. I bought some insulated pants and other warm clothes yesterday, so I can get back out there and do some hiking even though it's cold. Hope I see some deer! :)

  5. The deer have started appearing around here again, too. Attracted by the bird feeders, repelled by the dog! She cannot abide anything in her yard. Sigh.

  6. Stony doesn't want to chase them away--he wants to herd them, being sadly deprived of cows. Luckily for them, they're a lot faster than cows.