Friday, January 1, 2010

flurries or showers

I got the fire going early on this Day Off, and the sunshine was heating up the house, too, and then the clouds showed up, and now it's snowing scattered lazy tiny flakes. Pretty to watch but impossible to photograph. (Hmm. I wonder if a video would work.)

The weather forecast last night and this morning said something like "20 per cent chance of snow flurries in the morning....20 per cent chance of snow showers in the evening." Will I be able to detect the difference by visual observation?


  1. I wonder what their definitions of "showers" and "flurries" are. I guess flurries suggests seeing white, and showers suggest more of a rainy aspect? Hmmm.

  2. The showers didn't show up in the evening, so I had no chance to compare them. If the National Weather Service has an online definition list I haven't found it.