Saturday, January 30, 2010

how to enjoy a bone

First, find a roomy place to lie down.

You will want plenty of space to work on your bone.

You do not need opposable thumbs.

Your bone may try to escape.

Be quick to recapture it!

Be sure to clean up thoroughly.


  1. Oh what a cuite face! Too sweet. This pooch has panda eyes. :)

  2. What IS your flooring? It looks impervious to bones. I need it.

  3. He knows all too well how cute he is, Hilary. "WHY aren't you petting me right now?" he says.

    Daryl, I forget what the surface treatment is called, but it's on the gypcrete that makes up my solar mass and holds my hot water heating. I chose this surface treatment because it is anti-skid, and it really is, something I was very grateful for this summer during the sprained knee period, but it turns out to be very difficult to clean. It can be vacuumed or mopped, but to get the stuff that clings to it off you have to get down and truly scrub it with a nylon scrubby cloth, and I just don't do that.

  4. Looks like he knows how to bone down! Bonzi didn't ever care for the rawhides. When I started giving him cow bones as a pup he wore his eye teeth down, so, we can't give them to him anymore. (Sigh!)

  5. It's very important to know exactly the Correct Procedure to deal with a bone. I would share this with her ladyship, but she's convinced she already knows all there is to know on this subject.
    Cute pictures!

  6. Like many skills, dealing with a bone requires one to develop a Procedure All One's Own. Stony's includes the need to drop the bone so that it bounces and must be chased.