Sunday, January 10, 2010

last look

I have failed to get a picture that's anything like the reflection I've been enjoying for a month, but here's the best I can get, after I've worked on it in an editor.

And here's a look through the leaded glass door, instead of the reflection in it.


  1. That second shot is layered and lovely. Reflections sure can be fascinating, eh? Nicely done.

  2. Beautiful!

    Time to take the decorations down, isn't it? Sigh.
    Feels like I just put them up!

  3. Thanks, Hilary, although I think at least half the credit goes to the 19th century designer of that leaded glass.

    BL, because of the house tour I put mine up earlier than usual, and I've been taking things down bit by bit, but I'm still enjoying the living room tree. However (sigh), when a tree that's spent its time indoors in a five gallon bucket of gravel-with-water starts dropping needles a lot, it's time.

  4. That is quite pretty! You have some really lovely little finds.

  5. Very cool!!! I bet I know how pretty it must have been.

    Someone gave me a Baccarat crystal angel once, and I always put it close by the Christmas tree. It looks like it's filled full of tiny little lights! So pretty.