Friday, January 15, 2010

while I was out

...the turkeys came to call. I've seen them close to the house before, but not near the parking. They went all around the car (the one I wasn't out in) and came up close to the front door.

[blogger rant: it took me three days of trying to get the photos to upload, but I was too stubborn to give up.]


  1. Good for you for not giving up! Love the turkey tracks ;)

  2. Stubbornness is good. So are the photos. Thanks for sharing your turkey tracks!

  3. I think they have the most interesting shape, and I love the way snow photographs more blue than it looks to the eye. (Although it was an exciting moment when I was about seven and first noticed that snow is blue.)

  4. You've got turkeys?
    THAT is neat. I wouldn't ahve thought they'd wander about so much like that...don't know why. I dont' come across turkeys much around here :)