Tuesday, July 13, 2010

disturbing the neighbors

When I found the hammock hooks and finally got the hammock up eighteen months after moving, I discovered what had moved into the outdoor electric outlet on the balcony.

The wasps who live above the laundry room door don't seem bothered by my coming and going to hang laundry out and bring it back in, but these were not happy to have neighbors. Perhaps it was because they were still in the process of building, because later on my lying in the hammock seemed acceptable.

Here one of the unhappy occupants is exiting to come complain about me.


  1. My neighbours were target shooting tonight. Scared my dog.
    She's afraid of loud noises.
    She doesn't like wasps, either.

  2. I'm absolutely paranoid of wasps and hornets. I think I may have found too many of their nests while at play when I was a kidlet. I believe anyone who is brave enough to be in a hammock swinging back and forth a bit with them in their presence deserves an award!

  3. I would so have destroyed that nest before hanging the hammock! And the one by the laundry. *SHUDDER* You can hang fake wasps nests (paper and wire) and they won't nest near the house, they are very territorial.

  4. No one likes wasps, BL, except whatever it is that eats them. (I know something must.)

    Redbush, when I was two and a half I picked up an empty can that had a yellow jacket nest in it. The pain was so astonishing that I couldn't drop the can and run away; I just stood there howling until my parents came and rescued me. I was totally paralyzed with fear of anything black and yellow for years. These wasps, however, are brown, and not nearly as aggressive. Since they finished building they have ignored me.

    Reb, I didn't want to spray anything at the electric outlet. Other methods? The balcony off my bedroom has its only entrance right beside that outlet, and I didn't dare open the cover (which is difficult to open), try to knock the nest loose, and get the screen door closed instantly. Peaceful coexistence seemed safest. Must investigate fake nests.

  5. OTHER wasps must like wasps..... otherwise, there would be no wasps! :)