Thursday, July 22, 2010

loose cow day

On my morning commute there's a stretch where I'm always alert for stray cows. The fences don't look any worse than anywhere else; the cows in that area must be extra stubborn, or extra adventurous.

This morning, I saw a woman in barn boots cross the road ahead of me, and only then did I spot that one of the cows in the herd was on the outside of the fence. Then I realized that the outside one was a bull. He was touching noses with a cow inside the fence, whose calf was beside her, creating a pretty family portrait. No, I did not make myself late for work taking a picture, or even offering a length of rope to the woman, who was empty-handed. One of these years I must get a video-camera mounted, police-style, in the car so it's handy for these occasions.


  1. Now why haven't I thought of a dashboard-mounted camera? So often I see things I want to photograph when I'm driving....

    (I am finally signed in with the right account on Google so I can comment and you'll actually know who I am!)

  2. This morning as I looked through my windshield the problem with that plan became evident: I'd have to clean the glass!

  3. Heh, definitely wouldn't want to get too close to that bull!

    The things to be seen on the commute to work... somehow it's usually not QUITE so exciting here in the city :)

  4. But on a bicycle, or on foot, you get to see so much more detail. And none of the excitement involves nearly running into deer. (Of course nearly getting run over isn't quite the excitement we're looking for.)