Monday, July 19, 2010

enough for pie

A week after my first blackberry picking handful, I went back wearing long sleeves, long pants, and knee high boots. I returned with three cups of berries.

This is what it looked like a few hours later.

A week after that I went back and picked all I could find, and now I have two pies' worth in the freezer.

This year's growth is prolific. Next year should be a good one, weather permitting. Last year, there weren't as many berries, and the ones I tasted were so bitter I didn't pick any more. The different combination of heat and rain this year must have made the difference.

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  1. I remember so well going blackberry picking in the countryside around our house. It was always way hot, of course, and we had to dress in long sleeves and pants so as to avoid scratches. And the June bugs were so annoying! I remember the little tin pail I had with a lid--it was such a satisfactory pail! We always made cobbler with the blackberries.