Sunday, August 1, 2010

different tactics

My cayenne peppers in pots are doing considerably better than their brethren in the ground.

This one has produced four peppers, that are still growing:

The other one has put all its energy into being BIG:

If it grows any bigger will the pot tip over?

I'm waiting impatiently to see them change color. The last time I grew any I had three plants, not two, and the peppers they produced lasted me two years of cooking. (I use cayenne at least once a week. I was astonished by how much powder the dried peppers produced when I ground them up in the coffee grinder, and then cleaned the grinder very carefully.)


  1. It's funny - I've never really thought of cayenne as a plant, just because I only ever see it in spice form. Now I know what it looks like! I adore cayenne.

  2. My parents used very few "hot" spices when I was growing up, but cayenne was one. I can't imagine cooking without it.

    Have you had the dark chocolate with cayenne? Yum!