Tuesday, August 3, 2010

glory be!

I was going to pull this vine loose before it strangled the bird feeder and the step railing completely.

Then I saw this.

Thank you birds. I think. I planted morning glories last year, on the other side of the house. They didn't come up at all. I doubt that the birds went half a mile away to deliver someone else's morning glory seeds here. I wonder where they left the rest of last year's seeds?


  1. Very pretty!
    (Please tell birds to bring seeds north & west, as I have had no success with morning glories at all!)

  2. They would have to be terribly constipated to make it that far!

    I have very little luck with morning glories. My father used to just put the seeds in the ground and they'd come up. I've done it his way, and I've done all the "scarifying" the books recommend, either soaking over night or nicking with a knife (occasionally, in frustration, doing both) and about one time in five they actually sprout.

  3. They are really lovely.

    Don't think you saw this post of mine, I linked to you in it.

  4. It's amazing how birds can carry those seeds. I have never tried to plant morning glories. They're beautiful! They sound very particular about what kind of growing conditions that they like. Yours must have enticed them! Good job birds!