Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I had wanted a shower head that was adjustable in height (to be used either standing or sitting) and also in angle. The only telephone shower (do they still call them that, or is that totally 70s?) I liked for its height adjustability was not, the saleswoman and I thought, capable of changing its angle. So they were installed, and we moved into the house in December 2008.

This is what they look like. This one is at the bottom of its height adjusting rod.

Last week I was putting it back in its bracket when I heard a crack. I thought "Oh, dear, it's breaking!" But it wasn't broken.

Further testing...

...reveals that the saleswoman and I were quite wrong.


  1. LOL I have done things like that!

  2. I have never gone so long before finding out what I was missing (except for the ones I've never found at all.)

  3. Ha! I like this post. Seems you had a happy suprise.

  4. I have had this sort of happy surprise more than once! (and I am not going to admit how long some of the discoveries have taken.... ahem.)

  5. We had a fixture like that in Germany. I loved it!

  6. I hope to have one again. Probably not in this house, though.