Sunday, December 12, 2010

decorations take over

After decorating for the House Tour last December I was not inclined to do much more than a tree this year. But things got out of hand.

Ornaments begged to be used.

Greenery insisted it would not dry out too fast. And united with ornaments in going artsy.

It's certainly less than I did last year, but a lot more than I usually do.


  1. Very pretty! I love decorating like that - unexpected little touches here and there. Very elegant.
    I am officially inspired, but may not have time to get the decorating done any time soon due to a death in the family. (Maybe I'll just print off the pictures of your decorations and hang those around the house!)

  2. I like that crystal bowl filled with random ornaments. And the last one. It's the way I like best. I hope your greenery lasts the season.

    Word verification: poobath ... I just had to share that. ;)

  3. Very lovely, I just may have to decorate this year.

  4. BL, I'm sorry to hear you've had a loss.
    I'll be glad to stand in for you in the decorating line, especially if I don't have to do any work.

    Hilary, the greenery is in a very cool room. I have hopes for it. The tree, although only about ten feet from the stove, is in a five gallon bucket of gravel with water.
    The bowl was my grandmother's and is known as the cranberry bowl, because it held the cranberries at Thanksgiving and Christmas. The ornaments are almost as colorful as the cranberries with bits of orange peel.
    "Poobath"--yes, this is my only day off this week from bathing and poo. How does the word verifier know these things?

    Reb, it is not my intention to inspire anyone to extra work. Only if you have to.