Friday, December 24, 2010


This is one-seventh of the not-too-perishable food our clients brought us. (We eat all the perishable stuff, and the divvy up the rest the last day of work before Christmas.) Every year I am stunned by the amount. I'm not sure why they think we'll work better on a sugar overload.

(The dark thing in the upper right is a tin of popcorn.)

I've given some of it away to my neighbors, because I can't possibly eat it all before it gets stale, even though I'm not one to restrict desserts.


  1. That's quite a feast! My cousin works for a doctor's office. There are four women who work reception and once they divided up the gifts from patients over just two days, she personally went home with 10 boxes of chocolates, a mug, 4 bottles of wine and gift cards for a coffee shop. Folks can be generous.

    Merry Christmas, Mary Anne!

  2. Quite the haul there. Merry Christmas Mary Anne!