Friday, February 11, 2011

feet: part 5

Are these feet? Or bases?

They're dusty, whichever they are. I could not see most of that dust in the sunlight when I shot the pictures.

I liked the shadows too much to move the chair. (Whose feet have not yet been feet-ured.)


  1. The chromed oil-lamp-come-electric looks just like a pair I have - Rayco? I think? I am in the process of rewiring them and putting new shades on. Love the shadow of the chair with the other lamp.

  2. It really was dusty! It's brass, not chrome. It has no name. The other brass lamp's fill cap says Rayo. Is the long tail on the y somehow meant to include a c, or is this a knock-off brand?
    These two were distinguished in the family as "the lamp with the fluted shade" and "the lamp with the plain shade." The two glass lamps had green shades, so there was no confusion there. "The painted lamp" went to one of my great-uncles when my grandmother died.
    My whole family electrified every lamp they owned (in addition to buying new electric lamps as well) when Rural Electrification came in. What amazing confidence. When the electricity went out we had to use candles, unlike a school friend whose mother's family lamp hung over the dining room table, just waiting to be of use.

  3. Those bases immediately reminded me of the old lamps Reb mentioned. (actually, right down to the dust... ahem.)