Wednesday, February 9, 2011

we interrupt this series

for a brief weather report.

Monday about noon:

About an hour later:

And another hour later:

Where is spring? I'm used to seeing some hints of warmth to come by this time of year.


  1. Good grief! Y'all have certainly had winter down there this year, haven't you?

  2. I'm not expecting to see signs of spring for at least another 6 weeks.. but I can hope - for the both of us.

  3. And it snowed again last night. I hope this is last summer's rain coming late and not this summer's rain coming early.

    Usually, around here, in late January or early February there are a day or two or three of truly spring weather, where you can go out in a sweater, or even only a shirt. We haven't had the false spring yet, and soon it will be late enough to be classified as "early" spring weather, not "false."