Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas latkes

Christmas day I had the morning off, so I had plenty of time to cook latkes for breakfast.

My attention wandered to what I was reading often enough that some of them scorched, but not enough to matter. Filling enough to keep me going through a full kennel of dogs and cats.


  1. They're better if they're a little scorched, aren't they??

    Happy New Year, Mary Anne!

  2. They look really good, Mary Anne! I love latkes but I've never made them. You've inspired me to try!

    Happy New Year!

  3. That looks so civilized! Hope you had a great new year, and the dogs & cats are lucky to have you!

  4. I can't say I've ever tried latkes. They look delicious. I'm sure the dogs and cats are going to have a great year with you! Happy 2012!

  5. Cool that Christmas and part of Hanukkah both happened on the same same date. Latke for breakfast sounds good.. with lots of sour cream.

  6. Hilary, I've always hated sour cream--you can have my share.

    CherylK, I started with a recipe from "The Healthy Kosher Cookbook" which actually expected you to BAKE them instead of frying! I never went that far, but I do add lots of oat bran to the potatoes and onions. (Since I use freeze-dried onions, which my allergies will tolerate, I need something to sort of fluff up the potatoes.)

    Redbush, I seem to remember that you're trying to cut down on fat, not add more, so I will only say that they are indeed delicious.

    BL, better scorched than underdone is my motto, which I'm sure devotees of rare steak will dispute.

    Crabby, I'm lucky to have the dogs and (especially) the cats. I hadn't realized how much I missed working with cats until I got this second job.